About Snows Unlimited

Here at Snows Unlimited, we try to provide the best and most easy hunt possible. We hunt large, semi-permanent spreads. We have been guiding since 2002 with great success. Our clients ages range from 8-80 years old +. We take you within walking distance to the spread with the Polaris Ranger. An average day is 10-15 snow geese per group. There are some days we shoot 65-100. Some days we do get 0 as well. Every day is different and weather plays the biggest role. We do hunt wild birds and offer no guarantees, but you will always have a safe and fun time hunting. Come enjoy the outdoors with us and shoot some snow geese!!!

James Frerking – Owner/Guide

Born and raised in Southern Illinois, James’s first hunts began at some of the finest goose clubs around Crab Orchard refuge. James started hunting with his dad Roy at the age of 9. Roy told us James always took his calls apart pulling the guts out, never getting them back right. Finally getting older James started guiding ducks and geese at the age of 18. He blew his first goose calling contest 2002 and placed 2nd in the Grand American Continued on 2003 1st runner up Kentucky Lake open and Tennessee state open placed 3rd. In 2004 he placed 1st at the Illinois state 3 man. During the 2005 season he went on and blew 2nd in Grand American again and 4th in the World open which was his last contest. Snows Unlimited was then established winter 2005 James and his partner Rex started guiding snow geese in the late 90’s. One night we decided to start our own guide service. Trying to come up with a name we decided on Snows Unlimited. After getting our name registered with the u.s patent and trademark office. We are the proud owners of Snows Unlimited.


Started goose hunting in early 70’s hunted with some of the best guides in southern Illinois met James and his dad Roy in early 80,S at one of the better goose clubs in Southern Illinois James and Rex tried snow goose hunting there with not much success. They moved their operations to Olive Branch, IL and formed their partnership in Snows Unlimited. Jay was in and out the hole time from working to hunting. He tries to help out whenever needed to keep things rolling from the club house and in the pits. .Jay also has the same birthday as James. He looks forward to hunting with you in the pit.


Justin Simmons is a Southern Illinois native, husband & father of 4, who has been an avid outdoorsman ever since he could shoulder a shotgun or cast a fishing line. He lives to hunt & fish with more than 30 years of experience chasing whitetails & waterfowl. Justin’s dedication in the field has contributed to many fun, memorable & successful hunting experiences both personally and as a guide. He’s all about making sure everyone has a good time!
In the off season when Justin isn’t hunting or guiding snow goose hunts, he’s a project manager for a local roofing company who likes to spend time camping, fishing, having cookouts & shooting guns with his wife, kids, family & friends.


Molly was born 01-06-2006 and has retrieved more then 600 snow geese, 100 Canada geese and 400 ducks. In two years of hunting . Owner James Frerking Trainer Loyde Moore Lodi kennels thanks Loyde what a great job.

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