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The 2011 Spring snow goose season was awesome due to a bumper  
snow goose hatch which resulted in more juvie snow geese.  
Everybody knows juvie snow geese are easier to kill.  We also had lots
of south winds and warm days which made some great snow goose
hunts.  We did manage to harvest some big number days up in the
hundreds with 140 being our best day.  We did manage to keep track
of the bands we shot which was one yellow neck collar and ten leg
bands.  Even though we had such a successful year, we did have a
couple zero days due to bad weather.  We can't wait to see what next
year brings!  
The 2012 Spring snow goose season was average for us in Southern
Illinois.  The hatch was excellent just as the 2011 season.  We have
seen a lot more snow geese in the Mississippi flyaway than any
previous year.  The temperature was record highs which resulted in a
quick northern flight.  No snow caused the snow geese to fly through
us and not to stage.  We did manage to have some good kill days in
the 40's and 50's with 99 being our best.  We averaged in the 20s and
30s most days.  We also have added another field which makes it 4
fields with a min of 2000 decoys on each pit.  The new lodging was a
SUCCESS!  We had a lot of good reviews.  For anybody who is
thinking about staying at our lodge, visit the new link to our lodge.  We
hope to have a better than above average kill next year!
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The 2010 Spring snow goose season was slower than normal due to
bad weather and poor snow goose hatch.  Lots of snow and ice storms
made it difficult to hunt.  This below normal weather and below hatch is
the cause of a slower year.  We did manage to harvest some big
number days though in the fifties and sixties.  Please keep in mind
these are wild bird and weather plays a big role in killing the snow
goose.  Bad weather isn’t my fault and isn’t yours.